Pelican 7600 tactical LED flashlight

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The Pelican 7600 is a tactical LED flashlight designed for professionals. Offering 900 lumens in a USB rechargeable package, this is one hell of a flashlight.

With bezels on both ends, the light screams “tactical” even if the side nametag doesn’t say. And the way it looks, nobody is going to stop you and ask about it.

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Pelican 7600 LED Flashlight


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Nitecore SRT9 compact tactical LED flashlight

The Nitecore SRT9 is a compact LED flashlight designed for tactical scenarios in mind. This is from their SRT line-up, where SRT stands for SmartRing Tactical. Nitecore surely had professionals in law enforcement, military and security line of work in their minds when they designed with many of its features.

What seems amiss is the prominent and intimidating bezel (and went for a simple, stainless steel edge) which has come to be a hall mark … Continue reading this article

3 great LED flashlights that you must see today

LED Flashlights have been getting much attention the past few years; the whole world is moving from incandescent to fluorescent to now LEDs, and flashlights are no different.

Here are 3 great LED flashlights that we thought you must see today.

LuxPower Tactical V1000


LED emitter with zooming feature, and rated to 1000 lumens (when 18650 is used). Resistant (Climatic and impact) – Claimed, not tested by MCP. Light Modes – High, Medium, … Continue reading this article

Million Candle Power is now SSL (https) secure!

Dear All,

Security is not an option, not for us, not for you, and not for our common platform, the Million Candle Power.

The web will soon be moving towards more secure websites, and a website where a majority of the participants are security conscious (flashlights, duh!) has to lead the way with torch in hand (pun intended).

So, today is that day. Million Candle Power now fully supports ssl and HTTPS browsing. We are … Continue reading this article