Technical terms associated with a flashlight

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One of our readers, Kevin from United Kingdom, mentioned that we should have a post in the million candle power website with explanations of all or at the least, some of the common terms associated with a flashlight. And it was a wonderful suggestion, and the content is definitely going to be relevant and useful to a lot of people, if not to all of our readers. So, with … Continue reading this article

Tactical flashlights vs self-defense flashlights - Any difference?

Are there any difference between tactical flashlights and self-defense flashlights? The answer is YES. Although we have seen lot of places where the two terms are used interchangeably, the two are actually categorically different from each other that an explanation is warranted at this point.

Tactical Flashlight

So, first of all, what is a tactical flashlight? Wikipedia says,

A tactical light is a flashlight used in conjunction with a firearm to aid low light target … Continue reading this article

Handheld Rechargeable spotlights – Must have in every hand.

Be it natural disasters or household emergencies (happens daily you know ), or maybe you frequently camp outside in the woods or you just need some outdoor lighting or maybe you are an underwater night diver, a spotlight is a life saving and/or changing equipment. This is not just an exaggeration, but a fact. Most of us who had been in these situations had more than once appreciated the spotlight that we had in our … Continue reading this article

52 Million candle power spotlight? Yes, it seems!

Well, you know. I was looking for some new topic and/or news to write for this new site and came across a news –Homemade 52 million candle power spotlight.

Yeah, homemade… I thought it was a fake news and went on to read it fully and it seems that it is true.. The fact that i got suspicious of its authenticity is not that it is impossible to build one, but that someone would attempt … Continue reading this article