Million Candle Power is now SSL (https) secure!

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Dear All,

Security is not an option, not for us, not for you, and not for our common platform, the Million Candle Power.

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The web will soon be moving towards more secure websites, and a website where a majority of the participants are security conscious (flashlights, duh!) has to lead the way with torch in hand (pun intended).

So, today is that day. Million … Continue reading this article

Mini Review - A new category on Million Candle Power

We are introducing a new category on your favorite flashlight website, the Million Candle Power. Called a mini’review, this will be a new format for reviews of flashlights, bulbs, battery packs, chargers, other spares, and also books and other materials on the subject.

Why? Our detailed reviews (for example – Cyclops CYC S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 MCP), are very detailed, and while that is good, we feel that sometimes it beats the point. The … Continue reading this article

Million Candle Power is back online after a long gap

We are truly sorry. We truly are. We had a great start, and a great first two months. Then it had to end. Many things, the details of which we will not bore you with.

But the fact is, we are back online. The old posts have been regenerated from archives (a big thanks to and we are all set to go.

We commit to bring more consistent and quality content for you. We … Continue reading this article

Hello world! Million Candle Power is here!

Hi there,

We are proud to bring before you, with information about various spotlights and other similar equipments which are rated at or near to a million candle power.

Your participation in the community is requested and appreciated…