52 Million candle power spotlight? Yes, it seems!

Well, you know. I was looking for some new topic and/or news to write for this new site and came across a news –Homemade 52 million candle power spotlight.

Yeah, homemade… I thought it was a fake news and went on to read it fully and it seems that it is true.. The fact that i got suspicious of its authenticity is not that it is impossible to build one, but that someone would attempt to make one. And if you ask why do you need such a powerful spotlight, then you are not familiar with the elite group of men who are crazed about these things.

Maxablaster - 50 million candle power

Maxablaster – 50 million candle power

Less than an year ago Ottow aka Maxablaster had built a 38 million candle power spotlight. This, he claims cost him over $2000 to build using costly quality items. To give you a perspective, this spotlight can make a good spot on any object 4 miles away, and yes even on clouds. It is that powerful.

We will try and bring you detailed construction details and specifications of the components sometime soon. Hold on till then.It is not that it is a stunt to go and decide one, in fact, it is an admirable feat at that. We have Ottow, the 45 year old Dutch Optics Engineer who built the spotlight out of a less powerful commercial piece. Yep, this is what some engineers do in their past time.

Read about it on instructables.

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