Technical terms associated with a flashlight

One of our readers, Kevin from United Kingdom, mentioned that we should have a post in the million candle power website with explanations of all or at the least, some of the common terms associated with a flashlight. And it was a wonderful suggestion, and the content is definitely going to be relevant and useful to a lot of people, if not to all of our readers. So, with many thanks to Kevin for the suggestion, here we go – a list of technical terms associated with flashlights, in alphabetical orders.

Bezel – BezelĀ is the front end of the flashlight. Of special reference in tactical and self-defense flashlights wherein this feature might have significant design parameters associated with it.

Candela – Candela is the SI unit of measurement of light intensity, in luminous power per unit solid angleĀ (Steradian is the SI unit of measure of solid angle). Usually measured with a lux meter at a distance of 1 meter from the light source. Wikipedia page on Candela.

EDC – EDC stands for everyday carry. It means that the flashlight is something suitable for carrying with you daily, all the time.

Flood – This is a mode in which the flashlight gives its light output. Flood output means the range is compromised for better area coverage. Useful for scanning an area close to you, searching for something on the floor, etc. Throw is an alternate mode. Read about it below.

IP – IP stands for International Protection Marking code, sometimes also referred to as Ingress Protection. This refers to the waterproofing or dust-proofing that has been incorporated into the flashlight.

Lumens – Lumens is the SI unit of measurement of light output. For most flashlights, this form a basic measure for comparison. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

Runtime – Runtime is a measure of how long the battery runs till the measured output of the flashlight drops to 10% (ANSI/NEMA FL-1) of the initial output. Since the initial output will be different for various modes, the runtimes in different modes also will be different.

Throw – Throw is the ability of a flashlight to “throw” light at a distant object. It is sometimes expressed as Candela, but mostly in meters. The longer a flashlight can shine its beam, the higher is its throw said to be.

So, these are some of the terminology associated with flashlights that is good to know and keep in mind, especially when comparing flashlights or choosing between flashlights to buy.




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