Surefire 6PX Pro LED Flashlight

If there is a fan favorite surefire, it definitely was Surefire 6P Original. Well that was back in the day, and today, LEDs rule the market. Surefire has a 6P series product today, called the 6PX Pro, and based on the request of a couple of our readers, we are bringing a mini-review for the 6PX Pro, as a precursor for a recap later on the 6P Original, a piece of which we are trying to get our hands on.

The Surefire 6PX Pro is 2 mode, LED flashlight powered by 123A batteries (2 nos). We couldn’t get the details of the emitter, which we think is nothing fancy, and is rated at 320 lumens on the “high” mode. The other mode is a low 15 lumen mode, with a drastically improved burn time.

Here are some details you might like to know:

  • 320 lumens max output
  • Two modes
    • High (320 lumens) with 2 hrs 40 minutes run time
    • Low (15 lumens) with about 40 hrs of run time
  • Tail-cap switch which is easy to access
  • Runs on 2 x 123A batteries
  • Hard anodized Aluminum body.

What was included in the package:

  • Surefire 6PX Pro
  • 2 x 123A batteries

Our verdict: At $95 (a good deal on Amazon for $10 less than this) on, the 6PX is not cheap. It is a durable, daily use flashlight if you were a fan of the 6P Original.


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