Mini Review - A new category on Million Candle Power

We are introducing a new category on your favorite flashlight website, the Million Candle Power. Called a mini’review, this will be a new format for reviews of flashlights, bulbs, battery packs, chargers, other spares, and also books and other materials on the subject.

Why? Our detailed reviews (for example РCyclops CYC S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 MCP), are very detailed, and while that is good, we feel that sometimes it beats the point. The details matter to each person in a different way, and forcing all of our readers to go through all of them is criminal. So, mini-reviews will help in that area by reducing the clutter in the details, and help you get the gist quickly, while a later detailed review on the item will be prepared based on your comments and suggestions, if required.

Our first mini review is up (ULTRAFIRE CREE XM-L T6 900 LM) and we hope you will let us know how it goes by giving your comments, and suggestions.

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