Cyclops CYC-S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight Reviewed

In case you are interested, may i suggest that you read about why a handheld rechargeable spotlight is a must have in every house before you read this review (It is not at all necessary if you know the basics about spotlights)?

P.S: If you are just looking for the review and final snap verdict of the Cyclops CYC-S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight, scroll down to the bottom. But i suggest that you read the full post so as to get a full idea. Let me know how you felt, okay..? Comment below.

Okay, so I was scouting for a rechargeable spotlight, you see, a moderately powerful one if i could get one for a cost effective price and i searched in the following phrase:

Million CandlePower Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Yep, i have a thing for halogen bulb spotlights. It is not that the device has anything that the other options can’t provide, or that it is powerful. In fact  i think the LED spotlights and/or the HID ones are better at that. It is just that the halogen light gives me a nostalgic feeling whenever i put it out and spot onto some distant target. I think many spotlight enthusiasts have this same feeling that i have here about halogens…

So, what do you find when you search the above term in So, i picked Amazon results among these as i prefer to buy from there. The first Amazon link pointed to the Cyclops CYC-S10MIL Thor X 10 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight. It was from Cyclops and had 3 good customer reviews in Amazon. If you have bought any spotlights by Cyclops before, then you tend to stick with them, but there are many equally good if not better manufacturers of spotlights out there.

Cyclops CYC-S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Cyclops CYC-S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Unfortunately, Amazon does not have this product in stock now or do not know whether it will be in stock now – Their usual tactic of classifying products which are outta stock. So i hit the other one, the one i have reviewed here – Cyclops CYC-S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight(Link to Amazon page).

Before i give you my review on the Cyclops CYC-S6X, hear what other Amazon reviewers said about this. Okay..? Checkout the amazon page (link above) to read in full. I bring here, just a summary of what the majority of customers there said about it, good or bad.

Majority of the customers were happy about their piece but still there were many who seemed to be displeased about it. Many people expected more goodies in it for $39.99 that it is selling for, but many experienced spotlight owners knew that this Cyclops CYC-S6X was a good package for $39.99

As you can see on Amazon, majority of the reviews said positive things about Cyclops CYC-S6X. But still it has its shortcomings too. Wanna hear my review?

So, here goes my review on the Cyclops CYC-S6X. My review looks like a usage diary for the diary, okay. I list the pros and cons too.

As soon as i unpacked the Cyclops CYC-S6X from the package, i kept it for charging, and i advice everyone to do this. Keep it for at least 12-18 hours as most of the time the batteries might have been half drained at the warehouse, so let it top out. Don’t keep it for more than 36 hours as over charged batteries tend to heat up and leak gases as you very well know.

By this time, it must have pretty good charge in it and you can use it. The Cyclops CYC-S6X set has a car adapter too in case you travel around with your spotlight which i do and i find it most useful. I often take a drive out into the woods or into national parks and camp out and often find my spotlight a worthy companion in the dark.

So, the car charger adapter is a good bet as in the woods, you have no other power source to charge it.

In the woods, i tried using it along with my Bushnell Laser Rangefinder to see how good the spot was. I could identify that some writing on the bark of a tree (some idiot did that, not me for the test) from a distance of 800 feet (according to the laser rangefinder which is pretty well accurate up to 2000 feet).

The beam was pretty straight and narrow for up to 300 or 400 feet. At the 800 feet length, on the tree, it seemed like it was maybe a foot and a half or two wide in diameter.

The battery charge of the Cyclops CYC-S6X lasts for about 30-40 minutes according to usage, and when used intermittently, it lasted about 49 minutes and a few seconds (Yep, i used a stopwatch). The intermittent usage kept the bulb temperature low and is in my opinion the best way to use a spotlight, especially one powering a halogen bulb, which can often heat up if used continuously. I did test it for a continuous runtime, as i wanted to find out how well it sustained and saw that it lit up for 30 minutes without switching off after which the brightness started dropping.

I would have loved to have a brightness setting button for the Cyclops CYC-S6X spotlight, and also as some customer above reviewed, an LED light to say whether the battery is full or not too.

The battery takes around 6-8 hours for charging and that is a good charge time too. Most similarly powered spotlights take up more than 10 hours to charge with same run time of around 40 minutes.

The holder on top of the spotlight is well placed to enable you to balance it in one hand and a hook behind it lets you hang it onto your belt attachments. Law enforcement, fire and rescue personals will love this feature. A two fold stand arrangement also is available which can be folded up too.

The construction is solid and in fact a misplaced stepping onto the rocks thrust the Cyclops CYC-S6X spotlight out of my hand some 30 feet down into the rocky bottom of the cliff (small one) and it survived. No issues except a slight scratch on the side where it hit a hard rock edge i think… No shaky parts or loosened components even after this fall. Please note that this was not a fitness test for the spotlight as i am not planning to destroy mine, but i hope this was a good natural accident which a spotlight could get into. This passed that accident test.

So, let’s drip out the pros and cons from this review of mine on the Cyclops CYC-S6X for a quick note.


  • Strong, straight and narrow beam up to 400 feet. Maybe  1.5 – 2 feet wide at 800 feet distance.
  • Battery lasts around 40 minutes, which is good. Lasted 49 min (burn time) on test when used intermittently.
  • Has a car adapter, which is a big plus, maybe two +.
  • The construction is strong, sturdy. Withstood a 30 feet fall onto rocks with just a few scratch.
  • Easy to hold design, nice handle. Hook for attaching onto belts – PLUS for law enforcement and fire and rescue personnels.
  • Fully charges in 6-8 hours. 6 at home, 8 in car for me. Varies according to room temp/conditions for battery.


  • No LED to indicate whether fully charged or not.
  • No button to set brightness, max or low/battery save mode.
  • Slightly heavy, so cannot be held by young kids for too long. (No issues for a grown up person to handle)

Considering these PROs and CONs, i would like to think that the reader has got a view of whether this is suited for their needs. For the price of $39.99, Cyclops CYC-S6X is a cost effective spotlight. A VALUE FOR MONEY deal in my opinion.

Northern Industrial Super Searcheye Spotlight - 10 Million Candle Power

Northern Industrial Super Searcheye Spotlight – 10 Million Candle Power

The Northern Industrial Super SearchEye Spotlight – 10 Million Candlepowerlooks like a clear match with even more capabilities when you look onto it, but that is limited to the candle power or the brightness.

10 million candle power is good, but drains your battery faster.

Customer reviews on Amazon point that it lasts 30-35 minutes on full charge, which takes 10-12 hours to achieve. The battery is larger to provide this run time and to take this charge time, and hence the setup is heavier than the Cyclops CYC S6X we reviewed here.

The price difference is $2.60 only as this one costs $43.99, but is selling for $37.39 (special promo price), so you must decide.

If you want more brighter spotlight but at a heavier size and lower battery run time and do not bother about the longer charge time, then go for it. Otherwise, i suggest you pick the Cyclops CYC-S6X 6.5 Million Candle Power spotlight.

FINAL VERDICT: If you are looking for a spotlight with good brightness lasting pretty good on battery time and taking less time than most to get to a full charge, which is handy, sturdy and best suited in most ways, then BUY the Cyclops CYC-S6X.

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