Best places to buy spotlights from online

When you are out to buy a spotlight, you obviously have a lot of options to choose from in terms of type, use and need. If you want an insight into the matter then read about knowing the types of spotlights before you make a buying decision (Link to a post on The post to which i have linked has been written taking quite sometime, so i hope you’ll enjoy it.

Now, once you have made the decision as to which type of spotlight you are buying and also your budget, the next step is identifying the locations where these are being sold. Obviously, your local hardware shops, electrical appliances shops and the nearest light and sound center might have some models and pieces that might fit your need, it is still a good idea to check online and see what are available and compare the prices. The issue with doing business or buying from online websites is that there are risks involved if one is not careful.

Below i have listed some sources which i believe to be safe to deal with. Most of the sites in the list are ones which i had directly dealt with before. Others are which i have found to be safe to buy on after quite an in depth research and reconnaissance on them. Still, it is a good idea to have once own intuition about the sources before you deal with them.

1. Amazon

Amazon seems to be the best bet even though they are not having a specific category for spotlights. Their lighting and lamp attachment/accessory section offers a wide array of spotlights from different manufacturers directly and via dealers. I selected Amazon as the first option here because Amazon offers a good mechanism to prevent any sort of fraud and you have buyer protection schemes which ensure that we are never on the losing side. It pays to be on the cautious side too. Search for SPOTLIGHTS on Amazon.

2. offers a variety of options from various manufacturers of spotlights and in fact seems to be an affiliate of EBay or maybe a direct subsidiary. Anyhow, their buyer services look more promising than EBay’s hence here they are.

3. EBay

EBay themselves is worth mention as some of the cheapest versions are seen here. Be advised as there are fakes too on the prowl and many scammers like awake in EBay. Still for a cautious buyer, EBay is never a risk. They have a very good buyer protection program and hence i have bought and sold stuff many times on EBay.

4. Nextag

Nextag is a popular website offering many varieties of spotlights in addition to other products related to the segment and otherwise.

5. DHGate

DHGate is a wholesale point and if you are a spotlight dealer, it might be useful for you to check this site. They offer a lot of discounts on bulk offer but the fact remains that the site is just a facilitator. The sellers are mostly from China and hence duplicates may get in hand.


It seems that Alibaba is currently owned by Yahoo, so that may offer you some reassurance, but still it has wholesale suppliers mostly, and only bulk dealers or retailers may favor the site. Alibaba seems to offer the products at very low price but at the best possible quality at that price. Still it is often recommended only for bulk buyers/sellers.

7. offers some good options especially with low quality cheap items, and if you were looking for such spotlights, check this place first. The issue of cheap quality revolts many buyers away from this site. Expect very poor quality items, unless you are super lucky.

The above list is not detailed and exhaustive, but are where most of the deals occur. I will gladly put up an in detail report if you guys would like it. Let me know by comments. Use the form below to comment.

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